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WHITE: How Do You Wear It After Labor Day?

Wearing white after Labor Day is no longer considered gauche. Breaking tradition is infinitely trendier than sticking to the fashion rulebook as long as you do it with style and fashion is all about breaking the rules right? The New York City heat is to thank for this infamous fashion faux pa but the rules are changing and white is in all year long.  It’s the classic, timeless and utmost elegant color one can wear regardless of the time of year. The key to wearing it you’re wondering? Match it to the season you’re in and you’ll be the chicest one in the room.

As autumn is approaching us here in New York I’ll be incorporating some different hues of white in a few different ways. One big way will be through creams; once the leaves start to fall and the sweet, crisp Fall air hits the city streets you’ll be ready to embrace these cozy fabrics. There’s not a better time to wear a white wool or tweed pantsuit or a soft cream cashmere sweater. You’ll be sure to look chic while embracing the changing of the season.



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Many people are terrified of wearing white in the winter than the snow, but you shouldn’t be one of them. Embrace that “winter white” and keep warm during this snowy season with a mohair jacket or sweater. Minx, fox, and Mongolian lamb fur were pasted all over everything from jackets to dresses during New York Fashion Week last Spring so why not rock them in white to keep cozy and look like a fashionista?

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Although Spring and Summer seem like a million years away, they’ll be here before you know it and it’s never too early to think about what you’ll want to wear as the flowers bloom. As it starts to warm up it’s time to pull out those classic white t’s everyone should have because they’re a perfect go-to. If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated a three-quartered sleeved white blazer or cotton button down is perfect for the warmer weather.

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Pleated skirts in different lengths as well as fabrics such as leather, tropical wool, and linen are always a clean-cut way to wear white in the Springtime as well.

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Flash Forwarding to Summer, everyone’s favorite time of year and keep cool in white. Whether it’s through a crop top or a cotton dress you’ll be sure to be dressed to impress. Cotton is a perfect way to keep cool and look clean cut, it could be a romper, shirt, or even a dress. A go to in the summer of mine would definitely be white jeans, they’re perfect for a afternoon lunch to even dressing it up to head out for a late night.

As for accessorizing with white in any season I like to add metallics whether it’s through my jewelry, clutch, belt or shoes just to soften the overall look. Whether you choose to stand out in all white or wearing it more subtly don’t be afraid to wear white after Labor Day.

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Now you tell us: What white piece are you rocking after Labor Day? 


Mix and match fashion- that perfectly imperfect blend- walks a fine line between looking like an off-duty model and looking like a six year old dressed you. Here, we give you a crash course in achieving the former.

When we were little, we loved playing dress up. Stacks of bangles, polka dot dresses, sequined scarves- the more, the better. Mix and match fashion- as seen on every blogger worth her Manolos- is fun because it’s so almost outrageous. Enough and you seem wordly, too much and you stray into clown territory.

As Jenna Lyons, the queen of laissez-faire layering, says, “The overthinking doesn’t go well, the quicker out the door the better.” Perhaps that’s why we’re so in love with this look- it’s utterly chic without even trying.

But for those of us who, unlike Ms. Lyons, weren’t born with the style gene, here’s how to work your way up to mix master:

Beginner: Start With Solids
If mixing plaids and pineapples feels kitschy to you, ease into the mix & match trend by trading your basic neutrals for a colorful look. Pick solid pieces in complementary hues, like tangerine and teal, for a summery pop. Just remember that, like black and white, “opposites attract”.

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Intermediate: Choose One Focal Point
Start with a standalone piece, like a shirt in a bright botanical or brazen stripe. Then add solid pieces in hues borrowed from your pattern. The trick to achieving a mix that’s more “Karlie Kloss” than kindergarten is picking one of the less expected shades from your pattern.

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Pro: Match Colors, Not Prints
The secret to an eclectic mix? Keep it in the (color) family. Find prints that share a hue to make the look cohesive yet fashion forward. Play with the scale of your patterns- try a wide stripe with a dainty floral, or mix stripes of varying sizes- but make sure they have one color in common.


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Add A Dash Of Print With Accessories: Accessories are a low-commitment way to pull in a funky pattern. Don’t be afraid to add a geo-print clutch or leopard shoe (leopard is basically a neutral, anyway). Just don’t overdo it on prints in your outfit- as a rule of thumb, two is plenty.

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What Jewelry Goes With Mix & Match Outfits?: Simplicity is key when pairing jewelry with prints or bold colors. Go for a simple gold or silver bracelet or a special ring to keep your look clean and uncluttered.

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Now you: are you a beginner, intermediate, or mix master? What’s your favorite pattern to play with? Tell us in the comments below.

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